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Pärnu Yacht Club Marina

Lootsi 6, Pärnu 80012, Estonia
58°23.16′ N 24°29.20′ E

Pärnu Port is one of the biggest marinas in Estonia. There are 140 moorings at the marina, including 34 for visitors. The marina is suitable for vessels with length up to 16 meters and draught up to 3 meters. We have drinking water, power sockets in the quays, toilets, shower and sauna, accommodation and a restaurant. You can also refuel, lift and have minor repairs done on your yachts. The Yacht Club also organizes many world-class regattas and smaller races on Pärnu Bay. Several concerts and quizzes have become a tradition. In the yard you will find a play boat for children and the sculpture of the most legendary Estonian sailor, Kihnu Jõnn.

Communication on VHF channel 12, radio call “Pärnu Jahisadam”


Additional information:

Harbour master Heiti Põldroos
Tel No +372 5307 8777
e-mail: sadam@jahtklubi.ee


  • General information
  • 140 moorings in total
  • 34 moorings for visitors
  • Draught 3 meters
  • Vessels with maximum length up to 16 meters
  • Customs and passport control at the marina
  • Floating docks
  • Floating buoy mooring
  • Drinking water and power sockets in the quays
  • Toilets, shower (warm water), sauna
  • WiFi
  • Communication on VHF channel 12, radio call “Pärnu Jahisadam”
  • Catering and accommodation +372 447 1740
  • Refuelling petrol and diesel
  • Possibility to drain the septic tank
  • Minor repairs of yachts and launches
  • Possibility to use a telephone and internet
  • Crane service up to 10tons

Sail loft

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Marina fees for visitors

Marina fees for visitors
24 hours
Use of mooring up to 5,99 meters 500€  200€ 15€
Use of mooring up to 6,00-7,99 meters 700€ 250€ 20€  
Use of mooring up to 8,00-9,99 meters 800€ 300€ 20€
Use of mooring up to 10,00-11,99 meters 1000€   350€  25€
Use of mooring up to 12,00-14,99 meters 1200€ 450€ 30€
Use of mooring over 15,00 meters 1500€ 40€/m   3€/m  
Telfer crane usage 70 EUR (up to 45min)